how to find group admin in facebook

To add a group, the Facebook user must be an Admin of the group. Note : Before adding a group to Hootsuite, a group admin needs to add Hootsuite to the group as an authorized app within the groups settings in Facebook. ... More

how to get from hobart airport to city centre

The Hobart Cruise Terminal is located within ten minutes walk of Hobart's city center. All ships berth at the newly renovated Macquarie Wharf No2. ... More

how to get rid of poison oak in one day

Since poison oak rash is the same as the poison ivy rash, see more remedies on our poison ivy page. If poison oak is extremely serious, speak to your doctor about a prescription. If poison oak is extremely serious, speak to your doctor about a prescription. ... More

how to get a business started

As a business analyst, you might have worked on different projects either from the inception, or you might have joined the project in between, or it may have been a maintenance project. The one question which we always have is – where to get started? You might have read the arduous guides to ... More

how to get thunderbird emails as html

26/10/2009 · By default i write all my emails in plain text, but some times, i want to make some text effects like bold, underline, ordonned lists, colors... simple HTML composing allows that kind of thing, but in plain text its quite difficult. ... More

how to wear all black and not look goth

It’s not typical for me to wear black from head to toe, but I’m down if it’s a dress. Otherwise dressing in all black is a little intense for me. I chose this dress because I love the high neckline and slight A line at my waist. I felt pulled together and work-appropriate in this dress!” ... More

how to get rid of shoe scuffs

Clean more stubborn scuffs with a foam cleaning eraser designed to get rid of scratches and scuffs on surfaces. Wet the cleaning sponge and rub the scuff marks until they disappear. Wet the cleaning sponge and rub the scuff marks until they disappear. ... More

how to get rid of a headache

In order to understand headaches, it is imperative to first know the basic types of this condition. It can be a primary headache or a secondary headache. ... More

how to get a flat belly in 4 days diet

Flat Belly Diet Jumpstart. Lose the pooch fast beginning with the Flat Belly Diet 4-Day Jumpstart. Avoid these foods to reduce bloat, water retention, and belly puff. ... More

how to get large circle for shotgun h1z1

Now that youve found the percentage of the large circle, you will need to do it again for the 10-inch circle that you drew around the bulls-eye. There is a general rule-of-thumb that says 100 pellets in a 10-inch circle at 40 yards is a great turkey pattern. This would ensure that many pellets hit the head and neck of a gobbler. ... More

how to give a neck massage video

First of all thanks to Banti barber for his dedication and supporting us. Again time is 11:00 pm in the night, when we were taking massage. I was just asking him about, how many hair cut he give in a day and it's unbelievable Numbers I heard from him. ... More

how to make yourself look better in pictures

10 Tricks to Make Yourself Look Better in Photos. Juliana LaBianca Mar 23. Selfies! Profile pics! Heres how to make sure you put your best face forward. Hint: Stop saying cheese. Beware ... More

how to get free wii games using usb loader

Configurable USB Loader will copy your games to hard drive and let you play them. USB Loaders allow you to rip your own discs to an external USB hard drive and then. Even more » Account Options. Sign in; Search settings. Wii USB Loader. Nintendo USB Loader GX or simpley Wii USB Loader download. Install homebrew channel on Wii and play backup iso files or downloaded torrents from. ... More

how to get to mount seymour

Mount Seymour’s latest offering is an evening snowshoeing tour fuelled by chocolate fondue and fresh fruit, served in an ice booth under the stars – making it the perfect outdoorsy Valentine alternative for Vancouverites who share the desire to make the most of the mountains this winter. ... More

how to get adobe on iphone

Opening Adobe Photoshop PSD document files on iPhone? Impossible? Until now. When you install PSD Viewer on your iPhone you will be able to open PSD files from Mail, Safari or any other application that supports opening files in external utilities (for example DropBox). ... More

how to get recruited for high school basketball

You can go to a school in Serbia, win rookie of the year in your conference, get straight A's while studying mechanical engineering, and then try to transfer. You can also go to a DIII school in the states, then try to transfer. Crazier things have happened. ... More

how to get amazon rss feed

How to get a RSS/Atom feed of all listings in your marketplace. All listings in your marketplace are automatically added to an RSS/Atom feed. You can use that feed with third-party services to build some automation. ... More

how to get to wellington airport

Each day, there are about 55 return flights from Auckland to Wellington. Both Air New Zealand and Jetstar fly the AKL to WLG route, and many of their flights are direct. A direct flight will get you into Wellington Airport (WLG) in about an hour. ... More

how to find wifi wep key

A secure wireless network requires users to provide a network key or passphrase in order to access the Internet or log on to the wireless network. If you cannot remember your network key, you will need to change the network key by plugging your computer directly into … ... More

how to get glue out of hair

21/02/2014 · My DS (3) fell into a radiator earlier on the week and had to have a little cut on his head glued. He's fine thankfully but he has a clump of surgical glue stuck to his head. ... More

how to attach a leather end clasp

Use Crimp ends on leather cording to attach a clasp From The Bead Scoop Vol. I Issue 3, Dec 2007 In order to attach a clasp to leather cording, you need some finding that will create a secure loop at the end of the cord. There are several findings that … ... More

how to get rid of oxalis weed nz

Oxalis is a bulbous weed which is very problematic. Once it is in your garden, the bulbs multiply and spread very easily. Over the years there have been a number of herbicides produced that can kill oxalis, however they have always been non-selectors, killing surrounding vegetation. ... More

how to go to corregidor island

The island was retaken by the Americans two years later, but the once proud island fortress and its big guns would lay in ruins and would be until the present day. Welcome to the Rock! My first visit to Corregidor was sponsored by the fathers of my students from the school that I'm working at. ... More

uluru how to get there

Uluru Facts for Kids. Enjoy our fun Uluru facts for kids. Understand what makes Uluru so special with our range of interesting information and trivia. Learn where Uluru is located in Australia, how it formed many years ago, how it got its different names, why the area is important to the local Anangu tribe, how high it is, and much more. Uluru or Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation ... More

how to get rid of nail polish

Can You Get Fungus From Nail Polish Topical numerous Get Rid of Nail Fungus. - There does not doubt concerning potency of the aforementioned drugs, and it has trouble penetrating the thick nails of unique infected with nail fungus infection. Healing may take a long-term while natural world topical treatment options. It is the more well liked form of treatment the actual oral medications since ... More

how to get australian residency visa

Low-skilled migrants with limited English get a pathway to Australian permanent residency . The Federal Government also signed two special agreements, Designated Area … ... More

how to keep car clean on dirt road

What the cabin air filter does: The cabin air filter keeps the air inside the car cabin clean. It filters out dirt, dust, pollen, allergens, smoke, soot, mold spores, and other contaminants and prevents them from entering through the air-conditioning and heating vents. ... More

how to get the lid off a salsa jar

24/12/2009 · One way I’ve heard to get a better grip on the lid is to wrap a rubber band around it and then try unscrewing it. If that doesn’t work, I’d go old school bottle opener on it, the kind that’s pointy on one end and rounded on the other. ... More

how to end a sales call

Those of us in sales are often consumed with one thing: the close. We've been trained to accomplish this by pushing those all-important features and benefits. ... More

how to join an yubo live

A photo of yourself holding a handwritten note that reads "Yubo Team Support" and the current date. For example, "Yubo Team Support 12/5/18". For example, "Yubo Team Support 12/5/18". Once we receive your submission, we will review it as soon as possible. ... More

how to join who wants to be a millionaire

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Millionaire is a show that allows people to win $1,000,000 by answering 15 correct multiple choice questions on a variety of topics. ... More

how to find deflection 384

This would increase the deflection to 41.25 mm. One possible issue is certifying that there is in fact deformation compatibility between the OSB and the steel strip. Simple glue may not … ... More

how to get a kitten to stop chewing cords

if you catch your kitten chewing any cord het a spray bottle of water and spray him ONCE only once you do not want him getting sick if that does not work go to a pet store and get something called green apple its sour and taste nasty to them so when they bite the wire they dont like the taste in turn they stop biting whatever it is that taste ... More

how to kill mosquitoes inside the house

In general, insecticide is able to kill mosquitoes along with other insects effectively. Unfortunately, the aerosol is made out of chemical compound. This compound is engineered to eradicate insects in your house. Other than being harmful for mosquito, it might potentially bring your health in danger as well. The chemical compound keeps floating in the air even though the mosquitoes are ... More

how to get in an ipad with a passcode

25/01/2012 · I updated by iTunes and I got the following message after I attepted to restore the iPad: iTunes could not connect to the iPad “name" because it is locked with a passcode. ... More

how to get enchant in field of battle roblox

In this video, I show how to get more xp, gold, and rare gems. I know it's kind of boring when you keep on doing this repeatedly, I know. Weapons that are listed and useful for farming below: Fireball, Greater Fireball, Flaming Fury, and Venomancer. ... More

how to make a person feel better

5 Ways to Make Your Partner a Better Person Psychological principles to help loved ones to be better, and feel better. Posted Jan 06, 2015 ... More

how to get a legendary wow

HOW TO GET A LEGENDARY Edit. Welcome to D.O.T! I hope that you are enjoying the game and have been hooked like I am. Please note this is just my opinion that I am expressing and I would like for you to express you opinions down below (respectfully and kindly) in the comments. ... More

how to get grey eyes without contacts

Get Light Grey Eyes. If you want a light grey eye color then you are in the right place, we have the contacts you need, all the contacts in this section give you a light grey eye color without affecting your own vision, all these contact have no prescription powers so this means your own vision is untouched, the only thing that is changed is ... More

how to get your two year old to listen

If you have a 15-year-old and you set limits on him, he can go to his room and climb out the windowhe can defy your limits very easily. It becomes much more of a challenge when kids get older. It becomes much more of a challenge when kids get older. ... More

borderlands 2 how to get you will die seriously

@118 You can get all the dlc and go beyond the 50 cap, but no you couldnt go back to a previous playthrough and start from there it would void everything you did after the first playthrough save ... More

how to end email xo

Adding a xo at the end of your message Xo what doe it mean Xo at the end of an email Xo end message . Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast! ... More

how to get a visa for turkey from us

Visa Apply for a visa at a Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. Make sure to do this well before you leave for Turkey. It may take Turkish officials several months to ... More

how to get rid of house flies in winter

We had this in our old house, no sign of anything dead, just a load of flies. We just sprayed fly spray up there and it killed them all off and they didn't come back. We just sprayed fly spray up there and it killed them all off and they didn't come back. ... More

how to get a song for ringtone

2/10/2014 Right click, select "Get Info" and rename with .m4r. We need our file to be in this format so it can be recognized as a ringtone. My song currently reads "06 Shake It Off 1.m4a,' so I ... More

how to get over a guy your in love with

MORE: Lost Love: Three Ways to Get Over Your Ex. Most importantly, you can’t stop bringing him up around your friends. If they’re tired of hearing about him, that’s a dead giveaway that you’re “guilty” of this sign… Sign #5: You re-read his text messages . This is an undeniable one. You keep the entire texting conversation you have with him. When he sends you a text, you often ... More

how to follow all of someones followers on twitter

And one of the biggest features we’ve heard Twitter users request is the ability to search within their followers — specifically, people they’re following. We’ve not only heard you, but incorporated that Twitter search feature into TweetReports. ... More

how to get chewing gum out of suit pants

Chewing gum on clothes can be a nightmare, but first off dont try to wash it off in case the hot water congeals it further. Instead, freeze it and chip the gum off instead. If its particularly stubborn then you can use baby oil to loosen it up, then rinse and re-wash. ... More

how to leave your facebook page

why I cannot open my facebook page Why I cannot open my facebook page, and others website pages are opened easily This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (369) ... More

how to get hotel hideaway on android

If you don't have a stock file manager on your phone, you can get one from the Android Market, such as Astro File Manager, File Expert, or OI File Manager. Any of those will work. You can also ... More

how to explain anxiety to someone you love

Anxiety is like being at war with your mind. You’re fighting an internal battle tougher than some outer battles. For someone who suffers from the same problems, it’s easy to understand. ... More

how to get my period back after depo

3/05/2013 · I htad my last depo in Nov 2005 and my first period came back in Nov 2006. They were every two weeks then for three months. I didn't ovulate until April 2007 (I had my progestrone levels checked) The best thing to do is to drink loads of water to flush the toxins out of your body. ... More

how to find y intercept from data set

I would like to find the intercept point and/or an estimate of that point (if it does not exist in the data set) and have the corresponding time reported in a set cell. View 4 Replies Similar Messages: ... More

how to give cats a tablet

I have 2 cats who have a flea problem the black and white semi long haired has pulled some of her fur out near her tail, I came across your product capstar cat flea tablets I have given them both half a tablet each how often do I need to give them a tablet to keep the fleas under control? ... More

how to get to black beach from fira

Lock in a great price for Black Rose Beach Suites – rated 9.2 by recent guests! Enter dates to get started. ... More

how to get photoshop cs6 extended for free windows

The valid Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended license key key worked first time, thank you for your AAA service and quick response, I will be using you guys for all my product keys from now on, Jim Foley Thanks for the quick response. discount Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended ... More

how to find my url on my computer

The best way to find a website's URL when you don't already know it is to use a search engine. Finding the URL of a site If you think of the internet like a really big town, and your browser as a taxi cab that drives your around that town- then the URL is simply the address that your … ... More

how to get baby to take pacifier instead of thumb

My Baby Won't Take a Pacifier (Dummy)! Updated on January 6, 2018 . Susannah Birch. more. Susannah Birch is a certified birth doula, journalist, and owner of Trimester Talk, a leading pregnancy website. As a new mother, I heard a lot of horror stories about how hard it is to wean a baby off a dummy. What I didn't hear were the stories about how hard it can be to get a baby to take one! ... More

how to fix a water leak in pvc pipe

19/12/2018 · Place the PVC cutters at the desired location, hold the cutter's jaws at a 90-degree angle to the pipe and make a straight cut through the pipe on either side of the leak. ... More

how to get interest free loan

Therefore the fundamental difference between a typical home loan and a Sharia-compliant home loan is underpinned by the borrowing terms (i.e. interest with a typical home loan, and rental or ... More

lego marvel superheroes how to super jump

Time for a trip to the roaring ’20s in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, as we explore Fisk Tower in Manhattan Noir — a black and white world where hard-boiled heroes rule the streets. ... More

how to grow herb robert

Medicinal uses Herb robert is a supreme, therapeutic herb. Although, very little information is available, on the Although, very little information is available, on the constituents, this herb’s action is one of the most outstanding herbs that we can use regularly, as an enhancer of ... More

how to fix email app on android

The Gmail app for Android has poor support for CSS and doesnt support media queries. This can result in your responsive email breaking in the Gmail app for Android. Here is a quick fix you can put in place to force Gmail for Android to display the full (desktop) version of the email. ... More

how to keep a twitter group locked

Windows 8 is the worst offender yet, positively spitting in the face of keyboard users — but fortunately, it’s quite easy to disable the new Windows 8 lock screen. ... More

how to find residence permit number australia

* An Australian Business Number (ABN) is different to an ACN. ABN is a unique eleven digit identifying number for use in business dealings with the Australian Taxation Office and for future dealings with other government agencies. Registered companies and business entities carrying on business in Australia are entitled to apply for an ABN. ... More

how to get a battery in 7 days to die

Опубликовано: 30 окт 2017 ; In this 7 Days to Die Video, I'm testing the best way to Charge Batteries using the Solar Banks. The Battery Banks can be recharged, but by how much? ... More

how to find a princess

Hi, all, Here is some basic information on getting the most out of the Princess message board and your Cruise Critic experience. HOW TO FIND YOUR ROLL CALL ... More

crusader kings 2 how to get brave

After the huge success of the first game's version, on the 14-th of February, 2012 the Crusader Kings II was released. The game is updated through patches, and this time we will speak about the latest addon to Crusader Kings II - Sword of Islam. ... More

how to find the standardized test statistic in excel

Excel provides an extensive range of Statistical Functions, that perform calculations from basic mean, median & mode to the more complex statistical distribution and probability tests. The Excel Statistical functions are all listed in the tables below, grouped into categories, to help you to easily find … ... More

how to find how many points on license ohio

Find Ohio's Learning Standards? Apply for my new teaching license? Check on my license status? Renew my teaching license? View and compare district report cards? Graduate from High School? Understand the different school options? Find sample test questions? Use research and data to answer questions about education? Find more... About; Media; Blog; Contact; Home > Teaching > Educator … ... More

how to get back deleted emails on outlook

Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook Retrieving missing or permanently deleted emails item in outlook is possible. In order to make it possible, your organization Exchange Server Administrator must have turned on deleted items recovery on the server side. ... More

how to find dell service tag

Hi A dell windows 7 installation should include a recovery disk builder program Which builds 2 or 3 windows recovery DVD's There will be a microsoft win 7 key label but the key is not used when re ... More

how to know when ovulating after birth

A woman should get to know her body; this will be the most telling sign in knowing when ovulation occurs. If in doubt, an ovulation kit can help clarify when ovulation occurs. If in doubt, an ovulation kit can help clarify when ovulation occurs. ... More

how to get free riot points 2017

League of Legends Hack How to get Free Riot Points with our Generator. by David Minard Published May 17, 2017 Updated September 12, 2017. The League of Legends Hack, finally What started out as one mans idea to improve the already existing genre with the new mechanics that only a custom engine could provide turned out to be an insanely successful Internet phenomena in a genre ... More

how to get special ingots ac3

Talismans are special items with special effects. When you have one in your in inventory, you will have When you have one in your in inventory, you will have the associated effect as long as you have it. ... More

how to find domain range and period

Find the domain, period, range, and amplitude of the cosine function. y = -6cos4x. Question 24 options: ... More

how to find out if your property drainage easements

An easement can give limited access to a property owned by another. Council has registered standard terms and conditions relating to these types of easements: Drainage infrastructure and access rights - dealing number 717513492 [179KB] ... More

learn how to use a pentax camera

Manual mode can seem a lot scarier than it actually is. Sarah Tew/CNET What it is. While in anything other than full auto mode you can control all a camera ... More

how to fix provincial error windows 10

If there is new updates, Windows 10 will download and update it automatically. And here is the solution for Windows 10 update downloading stuck issue. ... More

how to get urban decay cheap

If you are a fan of cruelty-free make-up, an Urban Decay palette is a great addition to your usual morning routine. Each Urban Decay palette usually comes with a small primer sampler, making eyeshadow applications easier and longer lasting. ... More

how to find the temperature after an input of energy

The temperature of the ice will continue to decrease until it reaches the same temperature as the outside air which is 20 F. Liquid water has more energy than frozen water. When water freezes it gives up some of the water's energy. ... More

i dont even know how to sing

I am only 22, but I was raised with little to no television. Instead, I grew up in a world full of music. It was everywhere, surrounding me. It shaped the way I viewed the world. Everything I know of culture originates from music. My father brags that I could sing every famous Johnny Cash song by ... More

how to get shinies in moon

The Charizard distribution for Pokemon Sun and Moon may have just ended, but players will have a chance to get another rare Pokemon very soon. Starting October 23, Sun and Moon players have a ... More

how to get cc working sims 4

1/01/2019 Script mods are listed but not working... Sims 4 Sims 4 Help Custom Content - 29th Dec 2018 by emybaby. 30th Dec 2018 8:31 PM by Keren 8 replies, 127 views. Managing custom content . Sims 4 Sims 4 Help Custom Content - 15th Dec 2018 by AlinaDK. 30th Dec 2018 1:59 PM by AlinaDK 2 replies, 293 views. I cant get CC to enable in the Sims 4. Sims 4 Sims 4 Help ... More

how to get rid of marked bills

The group managed to get a piece of legislation called the Save the Greenback Act of 1997 introduced in the House; it died in committee, but the $1 Coin Act, which authorized the Sacagawea that ... More

how to get to levels fast on octagon

How To Reduce Cortisol Levels For Weight Loss Dr Oz Super Fast Weight Loss Weight Loss Centers Massachusetts Bmi Weight Loss Buffalo Ny Weight Loss Clinics Salt Lake City Utah Choices Weight Loss Spa Hickory Nc Your mental faculties are the greatest tool you for reaching your function. Start working intensely on building positive thoughts and beliefs in website visitors to to transition ... More

how to get to isla gorgona

12/04/2013 · La Isla Gorgona es una isla de origen volcánico ubicada a 35 km al oeste de la costa pacífica colombiana. La isla tiene una longitud de 9 km por 2,5 km de anchura, con una extensión de unos ... More

how to fix curb rash on chrome lip

By using he cold weld technique, we can eliminate the need to remove tons of the original wheel lip to grind out the curb rash, and instead we build up a ridge over the damage areas and grind/sand the ridge level with the remaining undamaged wheel lip areas. ... More

how to cut jump rings with jewelers saw

... More

how to get away from unidad patrol ghost recon wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands features a truly massive world that is loaded with things to do, and at first it can be a little overwhelming. With 21 huge areas that are freely explorable and lots of points of interest to seek out along the way, it’s safe to say that you’ll have plenty to do. This guide ... More

how to get residual income on the internet

Residual income is the sum of all the money that we get after we deduct all the expenses and bills. Many people are experiencing financial problems especially now that the recession is still on going. More and more people lost their jobs because of economic and business instability. During recession, more and more companies end up in bankruptcy. We should start to look for an additional job ... More

how to get to brisbane ekka from brisbane domestic airport

Brisbane Domestic Airport Chauffeur Services to and from Gold Coast Airport Brisbane City Chauffeur Services to and from Gold Coast Airport Above quote is based on an approximate- central suburb location from Google maps. ... More

how to find the right child care

26/03/2017 For parents, peace of mind and safety are non-negotiable priorities when it comes to our children and homes. With the rise in impostors and criminal activities, it is now safer and easier to go through a reputable recruitment agency Here are some tips to guide you in making the right decision should you opt for ... More

how to fly formation tips

By following the 3 basic strategies below, you will be able to control your reaction to stressful scenarios on the course and start getting the butterflies in your stomach to start flying in formation. ... More

how to get a pert bum fast

The bottom is one area that many women are keen to work on as soon as the belly is dealt with. Some women like to have a small and pert backside, others prefer to have a larger “J-Lo” bum. ... More

how to get a leo man to love you

If a Leo man were truly in love with you, he would always want to be expressing an interest in your life. He would want to get to know you a much as possible. But if he’s only playing you, then he’s only going to want to keep about himself. ... More

how to get the chest freezer to open

When the impending zombie apocalypse comes, you're going to wish you had a chest freezer for practically unlimited food storage. As the alternative to an upright freezer , a chest freezer provides you with a number of benefits that you just won't get from standard refrigerator freezers. ... More

how to put on sklz vertical jump trainer

Odowalker Vertical Jump Trainer 50 Pounds Basketball Training Device Leg strength and Speed Agility Training Strap Resistance Bands - Taekwondo Kungfu Fitness Exercise Tool Equipment £19.98 Sklz Hopz Vertical Leap Trainer ... More

how to check end of line in python

How to check whether a string ends with one from a list of suffixes in Python - Python has a method endswith tuple in the String class This method accepts a tuple of strings that you want to search and is called on a string object You can call this method in the … ... More

how to find refractive index of water

If you take a liquid like water and warm it up it will expand. The density will fall, and so will the refractive index. If you put it under great pressure the density will rise, and so will the refractive index. ... More

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how to keep my settings when installing a new windows

A clean install basically consists of booting from the original XP CD, deleting all partitions, recreating new partitions, and then installing Windows XP from CD. It’s a fairly straight-forward process and you can read this excellent tutorial for step by step instructions.

how to go offline epic games ps4

Now that the history lesson is out of the way, let's go through the steps you need to take to tie your Nintendo Switch progress to an Epic Account before you can link it to PS4. If you know you

how to get rid of water retention after c section

Salt is one of the main factors that leads to feet swelling, so it is advisable to reduce the intake after a C-section. Drinking plenty of water helps eliminate the salt in the body. Drinking plenty of water helps eliminate the salt in the body.

how to make your eyelashes grow back home remedies

Just as a bold frame draws attention to the picture within, your eyelashes frame the natural beauty of your eyes. While mascara creates a thickening and lengthening effect and curlers give your lashes a little lift, cosmetic methods only go so far -- the most striking lashes start with a naturally

how to get a sharpness 1000 sword in minecraft pe

Plug PE is a multiplayer app that allows you to do things like .g, .xp, .kill, etc. It's $1.99 on the Apple Store and I don't know if it's available for Android. To get a sharpness 10 diamond sword

how to get positive karma in stick rpg 2

However, I'd love to see a karma-like system, like in the Fallout series, where doing good deeds won you points for the city and bad deeds made them dislike you. This could be reflected in the guards' attitudes towards you, the local Thane, and the general atmosphere of the town.

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England: Halifax ENG, Folkestone ENG, Chesterfield ENG, Torquay ENG, Hartlepool ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 2A8

Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 6H8

Scotland: Cumbernauld SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B6

Wales: Newport WAL, Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D2